Our Beer kits feature:  The full ingredient list, so you know exactly what you are using!  (many kits tell you only “hops”, making you dependent on them to make the beer again).

We want you to learn and experience beer making to its fullest.  After all you are making it for your enjoyment, to match your tastes.  Perhaps the next time you might want to make a change in the recipe, to learn what a different hop, or another yeast might be like!


AMBER ALE Light copper color, malty body with moderately assertive hops makes this a refreshing beer for all year round.


AMERICAN LIGHT LAGER Body and color are light, balanced with the German hops; this is the quintessential “lawn mower” beer.  Be sure to give this time for the slow cool fermentation that lagers need.


AMERICAN WHEAT Malted wheat gives this pale gold beer a slight haze.  The citrusy hops make this a great summer beer.


BELGIAN WIT Pale gold color and a slight haze, this beer has fruity spice from the German hops, coriander and orange peel.


BLACK  IPA  This new style has the malt of a stout and the hops of a pale ale, dark and hoppy.


BROWN ALE This beer is medium brown color and has medium body.The moderately assertive hops give way to caramel and chocolate.



  CALIFORNIA COMMON Dark gold in color and medium in body, this beer is made with the typical Northern Brewer hops.  Crisp and refreshing from the lager yeast fermented at ale temperature.


DRY STOUT Medium in body, dark brown color and the distinctive dry-roast bitter finish are typical of this style.  We have added in just a little extra hops for the flavor and aroma.


ENGLISH IPA This style is defined as “medium-high hop bitterness, medium maltiness and body with an earthy and herbal hop finish”.  This beer will be deep gold in color and have almost a flowery aroma from the English hops and yeast.


GERMAN LAGER The emphasis of this medium bodied, straw colored beer is malt and noble type hops.  Be sure to give this time for the slow cool fermentation that lagers require.


HEFE-WEISSE  A haze, deep gold color beer shows off with spicy hops and yeast.  It is crisp and light with a nice balance of sweet malt, spices and fruit.


IRISH RED  Irish Red Ales are malty, medium bodied and smooth.  Medium hops complete this dark amber / red color ale.


PALE ALE This beer will be medium gold color and body.  High levels of citrus-like hop bitterness, flavor and aroma characterize this style.  That will be further enhanced by the addition of dry hopping with Cascade.


PORTER The dominant taste of this very dark, full body beer is roast malt.  That sharp bitterness is balanced by the malty sweetness.


SCOTCH EXPORT Medium body and medium brown color, this malty, fruity beer has low hop bitterness, flavor and aroma.

We have added just a hint of peat smoke.


SWEET STOUT Malt sweetness, chocolate, and caramel dominate the flavor and aroma in this dark brown, full-bodied beer.


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