The Western Montana Fair has Brewing & Wine Competitions!

Go to and click on the “Enter Exhibits” link. If you are having any trouble, the Fair Office will assist you with a printed paper tag.

BIG SKY BREWING will present gift certificates for Beer Category:

1st place – $30

2nd place – $20

3rd place $15

Honorable Mention $10

4000* Beer
Amber 4001Beer
Dark – state kind 4002* Beer
Light – state kind 4003* Beer
Specialty 4004*
Cider 4005*
Liqueur 4006* Wine
Dessert 4007* Wine
Provide recipe 4008* Wine
Red 4009* Wine
Sparkling 4010* Wine
White 4011* Soda Drinks
Root Beer, Ginger Ale etc.

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